Sports Massage for the Wheelchair Athlete

5/20/2009 12:00:00 AM

Daily living is stressful enough to put a kink in your neck. Physically challenged people are forced to be athletes on daily basis to complete the most basic of tasks. Massage Therapists have been providing sports massage st events for years. You don’t have to be an Olympic Athlete to appreciate the benefits. There are many reasons to incorporate massage therapy into your life. For one it just plain feels great. Massage Therapy improves functional abilities, increases range of motion and improves muscle strength in spinal cord injury patrons.

For most part clients receive a massage while lying on a practitioner table either prone or supine. The Massage Therapists will always drape you and make sure you are comfortable and supported. When clients first come to The Right Touch they fill out a brief medical history, which gives us information about their health history, occupation and exercise habits. Generally even more information is given verbally as we go over the form with the client. Chronic discomfort is so common on the general population that it’s thought of as ‘normal’! I hear so often "Oh, that has been hurting for months, (or years)!" The human body will adapt to the most comfortable posture in order to get out of pain. Some people have such a high pain threshold that they put up with chronic pain for years something ‘snaps’. That is when they say, "I didn’t even do anything?" Well, they probably didn’t but their body just could not handle the stress any longer and gave out. Approaching life as an athletic event will put you in the mindset of the athlete. They take care of their body because they expect it to perform when called to task.

We facilitate your body’s performance by increasing blood flow, reducing muscle tension and soreness, relieving stress, and in some cases, improve restrictive movement, breakup adhesions/scar tissue, and improve posture. In most situations, people feel the physical and emotional benefits immediately. It can be the missing piece to your puzzle towards wellness. Being good at self-care takes commitment. Just do it!

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